Codes & Penalties

801        Moved Meal        6.00 per occurrence           1st meal rescheduled to start> 30(studio) 60(editors) minutes before or after the posted time,                                                                                 but within the 2.5- 5.5 hour window. *studio and editors only (6.01)

802        No 1st Meal        1/2hr.@ 1.5x +$25.00       In addition to the code, write in the overtime due to no meal.                                                                                                                                                               (calculation= 1/2 hr of OT)+ $25.00)  *all employees (6.01)

803        1st Meal Out of Brackets        25.00             1/2 hr meal is given outside the 2.5 to 5.5 hour period. *studio only (example: 12p-8:30p                                                                                  Not before 2:30p and latest meal can start  is at 5p -must complete by 5:30p) (6.01)

                                                                                1/2 hr meal is given outside the 1 to 5.5 hour period. News Editors Only.(example:                                                                                                       12p-8:30p Not  before 1:00p and latest meal can start is a 5p and completed by 5:30) (6.01)

804        No 2nd Meal        1/2hr. @ 1.5x +$25        No 2nd meal. Must have 10.5 hours since report time. *all employees (6.02)

805        2nd Meal Out of Brackets        25.00             Full 2nd meal not allowed to start in required period. Must have 10.5 hours since report time                                                                                                                                                  and every 4 hrs after 10.5 hrs per occurrence. *all employees. (7.03)

806        Late Notice   1/2 hr. straight time rate            Late notice of daily schedule change affecting reported time (10 hrs before scheduled reporting                                                                                                                                    time) see section (7.03)

807        Standby            Time and on half                  On the clock after regular shift. (8.03)

808        Turnaround Weekday         Straight Time       Short turnaround between work days (12 hours) Straight Time for encroached hours in addition to                                                                                    your 8.5 hour day. (5.03)

809        Turnaround Day Off          Straight Time        Short turnaround on day off. 60 hrs elapsed except for rotation purposed, incl. rotation from day to                                                                                  night shift for the benefit of the employee. (5.02)

810        8th/9th Day Worked            Double Time       8th or 9th days consecutively worked.  All Double time. See section (7.04)

811        Night Differential     7.5% of Regular Rate      All time worked between midnight and Sam. (FMN = midnight to 5am ) (11.03)

812        Hotel Penalty                           75.00             If the Company does not offer hotel accommodations with less                                                                                    than 8 hours turnaround between shifts. (5.03)

816        No 1st Meal         1/2hr.@ 1.5x +$25.00        No 1st meal (calculation= l.5x  (1/ lunch) + $25.00)  *Photographers only (6.03a)

817        No 2nd Meal Out of Brackets         25.00        2nd meal not allowed after 12.5 hours and every 4 hours per occurrence.                                                                                                                        *Photographers only (6.03a)

820       Dinner (after 10.5 hrs.)                    14.25        Dinner allowance.  10.5 hours or more worked. Photographers and remote crew only (6.04i)

822        Daily Ration (>75 miles)                  35.00       Three meals outside 75 mile radius. Photographers and remote crew only (6.04ii)

823         Hazardous Duty                             40.00       Hazardous Duty (25.01)

824        Overnight Ration                            45.00        Per diem. Photographers and remote crew only. (12.04)

825        Vacation Upgrade                            2.00         Vacation per upgrade day. (10.04)

Out Of Town Buyout     8hrs Regular time-4 hrs OT       All penalties waived except meal penalties and per diem. Double time after 12 hours.                                                                                                                                (Sideletter1 Section4)